edamagit introduction


is a keyboard-driven git interface for VSCode. It's made in the style of the emacs extension, 'magit'.

Git commands are mapped to keypresses for efficient use. E.g. pressing b c will allow you to checkout a new branch.

Install it in VSCode by searching for edamagit in the extension manager.

Or get it here on one of these marketplaces - VSCode Marketplace - OpenVSX

Status View

Bring up the status view by pressing Alt+x g (Alt and x together, then g by itself). Or by running the command 'Magit Status' in the vscode command palette.

Once in the status view, press Tab to fold and unfold sections, files, and change hunks.

Place the cursor on a section

press Tab to unfold/fold:


Pressing s and u allows you to stage and unstage changes under the cursor. Either a file, change hunk, or a just a selected part of a hunk.


pressing s will stage the file:

Other status view actions

From the status view press ? to bring up the help view.

This shows you the available edamagit menus and which key to press to invoke them. For example, pressing b brings up the Branching-menu.

This menu-system is based on a modified version of VSCode’s QuickPick selection menu.

Similarly to the help view, the entries in this menu show a key and which action it activates. (e.g. c Checkout new branch)

From here, a single press of c invokes the action Checkout new branch.

Choose a branch to base the new branch on. Search and/or select with arrow keys. Confirm choice with Enter.

Give the new branch a name and press Enter


Now you have staged some changes and want to commit. Press c to bring up committing menu, and c once again to start a normal commit.

This brings up the commit view where you will write a commit message. Next to an editor showing which changes you are committing is shown.

Once you have written a commit-message press ctrl+c ctrl+c to finish the commit. Or manually save and close the commit-message editor, this has the same effect.

ctrl+c ctrl+k will abort the commit. (Saving and closing with the message empty is the same.)


Some git commands are frequently used with switches or flags to enable some behaviors. E.g. push --force

Many of the edamagit command menus have a switches menu which can be activated by pressing -.

Toggle a switch by pressing its letter. E.g. F (uppercase) for --force.

Press Enter to confirm the switch selection.

Now you’ll see the active switches listed in the ‘Switches’ menu entry.

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Updated 2021/01/29